Debra Tries: Anime

Yumeko Jabami, kindly asks class to welcome her on her first day. Jamabi talked to the class on her first day.

Debra Garcia


Debra Garcia, Features Editor/Business Manager

   Hello, and welcome to “Debra Tries…” The series where I review topics and activities that I would not normally take part in on a normal day. For example, I will listen to music, watch movies, TV shows, play video games and even eat foods that lie outside my comfort zone. Today’s topic: Anime

   My task is to watch the first episode of a popular anime on Netflix, Kakegurui, and then review/make predictions about what comes next. I normally do not like watching anime cartoons reality T.V, so this will be a new and weird experience for me. Let’s see how it goes.

   So basically, this show is about students at Hyakkaou Private Academy, a school that evaluates students on gambling skills. It starts when a new girl comes to school and causes trouble. 

   The episode follows Ryota Suzui, a student at Hyakkaou that loses to the top gambler at the school, Mary Saotome. We then meet the new girl, Yumeko Jabami, who on her first day, beats Saotome at a card version of rock, paper, scissors. 

To get it out of the way, this show is strangely addictive and terrifying. Whenever there was a close up of anyone it gave me really creep vibes. It was scary. 

   Let me first summarize why it was strangely addicting. The whole time the audience feels bad for Suzui, who I like to call the anime version of Tom Holland, for basically being a loser. 

  While they are also rooting on Jabami to beat Saotome, a reincarnation of Regina George, at her own game. The audience slowly realizes that Jabami is a crazy gambling psychopath and both Suzui and Saotome are cheaters. So by the end of the episode, there is no one to root for. 

   Although Jabami acts like a literal robot the whole episode, she shows how smart, crazy, and risky she is with her money, betting it all on a game or rock, paper, scissors. 

   If I were to make a prediction on what I would want for the ending of this show, I would hope that Suzui grows in character. He’s kind of pathetic, fragile and needs to learn to toughen up. I would also hope that Saotome becomes nicer, as she’s the basic embodiment of Heather Chandler. Robot new girl a.k.a Jabami should be kicked out, as she’s the worst. 

  So the verdict? Would I watch the rest of this show, and then other animes? Probably not. As I said before, facial expressions and animations were not for me. This show makes me angry and I really don’t see the point of it. 

  Maybe one day I’ll find an amine that I would like, but this one did not really give off a good introduction to the genre.