Newsome’s King and Queen are Crowned

Trey Bradford (12) and Savannah Rutherford (12) stand together on the podium after being crowned homecoming king and queen.

Nick Jones


Nick Jones, Sports Editor

   Newsome high school held the annual homecoming football game against Riverview High School on Friday after a three-week hiatus from a Coronavirus outbreak.

   The team was able to adapt and overcome the three-week delay winning the 49-14. This pushed Newsome’s record up to 2-0 to start the football season. 

    The game started off easy for the Wolves after a first-quarter interception which immediately resulted in the first touchdown. Newsome would continue to steamroll Riverview in the first half scoring five more touchdowns, two within the last minute of the second quarter. They were even able to score a risky two-point conversion to bump the score a little higher. Riverview would only score once in the first half making the halftime score 42-7 Newsome.

    By halftime Newsome was ready to announce the homecoming king and queen. They proceeded to announce all the nominees from the class of 2024 to 2021. In the end, the winners were Trey Bradford (12) and Savannah Rutherford (12).   “I really was surprised on winning and was not expecting to at all”.  Said Bradford.

   Though there will be no homecoming dance this year due to the coronavirus pandemic Newsome still celebrated the homecoming festivities. “It actually feels great to win” he says. “It brings back a sense of normality during these unprecedented times”.

   Even without the dance it brought cheers from the crowd and smiles on the faces of friends and family. 

   After a few minutes of celebrating the victors, Newsome and Riverview took the field again. Both teams fought hard. Newsome would score one more touchdown in the third quarter. Riverview would end up scoring one more touchdown in the fourth quarter to set the score at 49-14 Newsome. 

   Newsome proved that a coronavirus outbreak would not stop them from winning as they had fought hard the first two games of the season. It is also a turnaround from last year’s game where they came up short. 

   Newsome’s football team was really looking to fight aggressively this season and prove how mighty they are. 

   With a new king and queen crowned, and spirit week coming to a close, the homecoming festivities are starting to wrap up for Newsome this year in hopes to return in full bloom in 2021.