The Outcome of the 2020 Election, as Told by a Psychic

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Liv Baker

The Outcome of the 2020 Election, as Told by a Psychic

Liv Baker, Reporter

   With the 2020 election approaching, tensions are rising, and locals are registering to vote while the two primary candidates prepare for their first debate. It is no secret that the outcome of this election will impact the future of this country for generations to come, so as a nation it is important to vote wisely. One person who can relieve Americans from the stress of the unknown future is Sabrina Jean, a psychic who has been practicing with tarot cards for two years.

   When the reading began, Jean says she knew she was on the right track when she pulled the King of Pentacles card for Trump, indicating that he is a stable and prosperous businessman. Biden was represented by the hermit card, which Sabrina says “represents the current state of country and affairs,” as the nation is still undergoing impacts of the coronavirus.

   Jean says the election is a topic many tarot card readers will not engage in, as it is a tricky subject to predict. There are also many factors influencing the election, such as the outcomes of both the popular and electoral, and COVID-19 which is abruptly interfering with the means of voting. “I do not see a big issue with counting ballots, even though this may be perceived in the news and on social media,” Jean reassures voters who may be concerned about the influx of mail and absentee voters. 

   Depending on who wins the election in November, Jean predicts the severe consequences Americans will face in the future. She foretells the critical endangerment of the environment if Donald Trump is to win. “If Trump wins, I see a lot of damage to Mother Earth, and that is coming up as the biggest scar we will face from another four years under his presidency.”

   As for the future under the Biden presidency, it was predicted that there will be emerging corruption at the federal level. “My Justice tarot card is in reverse, meaning that there will be a lack of accountability when it comes to protecting the law.” However, she states that Biden should be successful at lowering COVID-19 cases, as his administration will push more serious quarantine guidelines and encourage families to stay indoors.

   Jean says it is difficult to predict the exact outcome of the election, but that “energy is always changing. I would never say for certain who will become the next President, but at this point, it is neck and neck with a slight lean toward a win for Trump.” Recent polls would disagree with her findings, as Biden had an 83 percent chance of winning the electoral college, and Trump had a 17 percent chance, The Economist reports.

   If these sample numbers are correct and Biden is elected in November, Jean states “there will definitely not be a smooth transition of power. I have the temperance card in reverse showing that there is an unbalanced turmoil.”

   Jean’s predictions about a rough transition of power have already been suggested, as Trump stated in an August tweet, “There is NO WAY (ZERO!) that Mail-In Ballots will be anything less than substantially fraudulent. Mailboxes will be robbed, ballots will be forged and even illegally printed out and fraudulently signed.” News outlets such as The Washington post has even claimed that Trump would refuse to step down if he loses the November election.

   With the delegate count predictions being so close, Jean says that “chaos will ensue no matter who wins. However, as a community, we will be able to come together and overcome the hardships.” 

   The truth of the matter is that no one can truly predict the outcome of the election, but as Americans we can continue to preserve our nation’s values of democracy, hospitality and progression. The only way to guarantee a prosperous and reformist future for America is to cast your ballot in November.