How to stay entertained in quarantine


Mia Cafaro, Editor-in-Chief Emeritus

It has been over a month and a half since schools closed and most other establishments followed shortly after. This has left everyone with little else to do other than sit around at home, be dragged out the door for a walk with mom or take long drives to nowhere. However, there have been some who have come up with creative ways to spend their time to avoid being driven insane by the isolation.

   Some people have turned to classic middle school crafts to entertain themselves. For example, fortune tellers made out of folded paper were a big hit. If it has been a few years since the fortune-teller days, the craft can be easily recreated by following online diagrams. As for the fortunes, the crazier the better- “You will be eaten by a whale in Antarctica” and “You will marry a Hemsworth, move to Australia, and have a pet kangaroo” are both viable options.

   Others have taken to honing their creative passions. Quarantine leaves plenty of time for practicing photography, making short films or working on personal writing projects. Normal life is often too hectic for passion projects, but seeing as normal life has been temporarily suspended, now is the perfect time.

   One of the few places left open are the grocery stores, which lends itself to trying out new recipes. Netflix provides many means of learning new cooking and baking techniques, from “The Great British Baking Show” to “Nailed It.” One of the advantages of quarantine is that it opens up more time for exercise, which also means that people can eat more good food without feeling guilty. Plenty of fun recipes can be found online and on social media.

    Hopefully, as the curve flattens, things will begin to open up soon. President Trump has laid out a multi-phase plan for reopening businesses that has been put into effect and will hopefully progress quickly. In the meantime, all people can do is try to refrain from seriously damaging relationships with their immediate family and keep busy until quarantine can be lifted.