Best Sports Leagues in the World


Alex Clough, Online Editor-in-Chief

 Here in America, fans are blessed with four incredible leagues, five including the rising MLS. In recent years though, television deals and the social network have brought the attention of many more leagues here to the States. Athletics that have not usually dominated are now gaining more attraction than ever, so let us look at the best leagues across the world (in no particular order):

PGA TOUR (GOLF): Looked at as one of the more mellow and less eventful sports, the PGA has given spectators some of the most drama induced tournaments and golfers, bringing life to one of the more historic sports across the world. The Masters, The Open, etc. are goldmines for TV ratings, drawing millions constantly to watch stars such as Tiger Woods stroll up the 18, looking to finish off the competition. The Professional Golfers Association adds great stories to an already popular sport.

NHL (HOCKEY): Crowds here in the United States aren’t generally regarded as the rowdiest and loud in the world, one would have to look at Europe or South America. The National Hockey League throws away that assumption and creates some truly spectacular moments in one of the more competitive leagues, creating household rivalries in America’s largest cities.

FORMULA ONE (RACING): NASCAR isn’t the most exciting viewing experience, with hours of racers looping a circular track. Formula One, on the other hand, is a dangerous, yet fun experience, with races in some of the more beautiful sites from Europe to Asia. The complex tracks the racers must maneuver create competitive, always changing races. The cars themselves are engineering masterpieces that can cut a corner then accelerate to insane speeds in a matter of seconds.

MLB (BASEBALL): This sport isn’t considered Americas Pastime for no reason and its governing body Major League Baseball has kept this sport exciting from the Progressive Era to the current time. Red Sox v Yankees, Dodgers v Giants and Cardinals v Cubs are rivalries that date back generations, ensuring the stability of a league where attendance is always a struggle with a 162-game slate. On an analytical level, the MLB is in a league of its own, drawing a more mature audience compared to its counterparts.

BUNDESLIGA (SOCCER): Fan culture is a staple of soccer (football), in Europe, the fans are just as famous as its players. Nowhere is it truer than in Germany, where the fans have more freedom and voice to make an atmosphere unparalleled to all. Tickets are incredibly cheap, drawing from a working-class crowd which has root in all operations of their club, an alliance that all leagues should take not of hoping to create a more popular sport.

NBA (BASKETBALL): The National Basketball League has risen to power in the States, advancing from shambles in the ’70s to primetime accordance today. Basketball has a way of creating superstars that transcend borders, making it a sport idolized across the globe, more so then its American counterparts. The brand will live on for centuries to come.

PREMIER LEAGUE (SOCCER): This is without a doubt, the most popular, premier sporting league. Created in the ‘90s, this is the epitome of the world’s most popular sport, drawing astonishing ratings not only in Great Britain but here in America as well. Manchester United, Liverpool, Arsenal and on, the greatest players come to play for the most historic clubs, creating the groundwork for how all leagues should operate.

NFL (FOOTBALL): It goes without saying, the National Football League is “Americas Game.” Every Sunday, it blesses fans from Seattle to Miami, with dynasties such as the Patriots and Cowboys. When looking at its revenue and ratings, no wonder it’s the wealthiest league in the U.S. Its championship, the Super Bowl, is the most watching sporting event in the world, capping off the 17-week regular season.