Debra Tries…Social Distancing


Debra Garcia, Features Editor

  Hello, and welcome to “Debra Tries…” The series where I review topics and activities that I would not normally take part in on a normal day. For example, I will listen to music, watch movies, TV shows, play video games and even eat foods that lie outside my comfort zone. This month’s topic: social distancing.

   With the spread of the coronavirus, families have been told to stay in their homes and not to go out unless it is absolutely necessary. My objective is to summarize the madness that comes with being in quarantine for a month, as staying inside my house for weeks on end is not how I choose to spend my seemingly endless amount of time.

   For a quick summary, I do not like social distancing. I miss my friends, going to school, socializing and not being constantly worried about Covid-19. The constant boredom, stress, anxiety that comes from quarantine is indescribable.  

   To keep myself ‘entertained’ I have been doing the basics, like bingeing Netflix/Disney Plus as well as spending hours a day learning the latest Tik Tok trends. So far, I have watched “YOU,” “Love is Blind,” “Onward,” “The Clone Wars Season 7” and “Frozen 2”. I have also done a couple Tik Tok trends like “Savage” and “What am I the CEO of.”

   My attention to social media has increased;I have been posting way more than usual on Instagram, Snapchat and even Facebook. The result of wanting to post so much is that I spend hours experimenting with hair styles, makeup, and outfits.

   I tend to notice that I started eating a lot during quarantine. It is like my brain decides that because I am bored 24/7, it means I should therefore eat 24/7. I have also noticed that coffee is running out, fast (please send help).

   On a slightly positive note, social distancing has helped me in many ways. Online school keeps me more productive and on task, and I have been exercising a lot more. I read more books, and stay well organized.

   After trying (or being forced to try) social distancing for a month I think it is safe to say that I am counting the days till life goes back to normal. Though it could be okay at times, staying in quarantine brings a lot of boredom, stress and anxiety. I do not recommend it.