Christmas Classics


Anjali Caliguiri, Reporter

Along with welcoming the new year 2020, a new wave of ideas and creations are fused into society. An entirely new generation of media will develop new songs, new shows, and many new movies. However, when society eagerly accepts the new culture, it tends to leave outdated aspects behind. But America must not abandon the quintessential movies that have defined our past, especially the most beloved Christmas classics.

Classics are made into classics for a reason; Christmas classics take the love, charisma, and originality and add in a little holiday cheer. What makes these seasonal films so magical is their ability to create moments of pure joy, uncontrollable excitement, and cozy memories with close friends and family. A few festive favorites are black and white originals such as Miracle on 34th Street, and It’s a Wonderful Life. It’s a Wonderful Life invites viewers to experience the miracle of life with George Bailey, the town’s loyal, dependable hero who loses sight of the importance of living. When the odds seem to be against him and George losing hope, an angel named Clarence visits him.

Clarence reminds George of the wonder of life by revisiting some of George’s life-defining moments, such as when he saved his brother from drowning in icy waters. However, Clarence’s visions are a twisted alternate reality of what life would be like if George never existed. In this new reality, George is taken aback to find his brother’s grave in a cemetery; his beloved wife not able to recognize him, and the town he worked so hard to support falls into the hands of the stingy nemesis of George. With this new perspective, George feels nothing but gratitude for the truly wonderful life he lives and returns to reality to enjoy the holiday with his friends and family.
After the waterworks have ended from that heartwarming classic, some lighthearted originals will cause laughs and smiles to last til Christmas.

Flicks such as A Christmas Story, Home Alone and Elf. Elf is the whimsical comedy of Buddy the Elf journeying to find his birth father after discovering he is human. Buddy’s adventure through the candy cane forest, the sea of twirly whirly gumdrops, and the Lincoln Tunnel lead him to New York and to a father on the naughty list. After bonding with the son Michael, Buddy leaves them when he realizes his father doesn’t want him. Feeling defeated, Buddy takes off to the woods but stumbles upon a Santa desperate in need of Christmas Spirit to deliver his presents.

Inspiring friends across the city to rejoice and believe in Christmas, Buddy allows Santa to fulfill his holiday mission and is finally shown love from his father. However many times you laugh at Will Ferrell in tights and a hat, Elf is still more than capable of putting genuine smiles on faces.

While these movies are sure to bring the Christmas spirit into homes, there are plenty more worth spending time watching, to enjoy the holidays, and to pass these legends onto the new year.
As the new year dawns on America, it must ensure the holiday season still includes the Christmas classics that have made annual appearances on America’s televisions. Society will welcome new trends to celebrate the festive season, but the Christmas classics will always remain an important tradition to America’s culture.