‘We Are Two Different People Tour’ review

Aize Hassan, Reporter

On Sep. 18th, YouTubers Danny Gonzalez and Drew Gooden performed their “We Are Two Different People Tour” with Kurtis Conner opening up for them at the Straz Center.

The three men are owners of commentary channels on YouTube, popular for their sense of humor. Gonzalez and Gooden are often confused for being the same person due to their similar videos, personalities, lives and looks. The show was designed to prove that they are not the same person.

Conner opened the show with his own stand-up show. His humor is pretty dry, and he has a very awkward energy that may not be for everyone. It was a little hard to watch the show because he seemed very nervous, although some would think that was what he was going for.

The main act started with a song about how Gonzalez and Gooden are not the same person. The song was fun and catchy, setting up the show in a positive light. The show contained a couple more humorous songs that were a crowd-pleaser.

Most of the show consisted of skits; two of the biggest were the prank skit and the boxing skit. They prank skit seemed a little repetitive, although funny, it repeated a lot of the same jokes making it seem as if they didn’t know how to make the show ninety minutes long, so they just extended the skit as long as they could. The boxing skit was a little more entertaining, showcasing a “feud” between Gonzalez and Gooden.

The crowd at the show consisted of people of middle school age to college students, including some parents dragged along with their kids. The crowd was a big factor in why the show wasn’t as enjoyable as it could have been. A lot of the younger audience would scream inappropriate things at the men making the rest cringe inward.

At one point, an intoxicated woman even climbed up the stage during the boxing skit claiming the piece of paper in the scene was hers and that they should not “take credit for what’s not yours.” Gonzalez, Gooden and Conner –who was onstage for the skit –took it really well. They knew exactly how to transition out of the awkward events that had occurred while adding some impromptu comedy to the mix. Although it was a bad thing that happened, it did make the show a little more interesting.

So do I think the show was worth it? For a ticket under thirty dollars, I would recommend, but I wouldn’t recommend paying over seventy dollars for the show, especially if you are older and do not want to sit surrounded by a bunch of screaming eleven-year-olds and their parents.

Overall, this show deserved two and a half stars out of five. Gooden and Gonzalez’s ironic humor definitely saved what could have been a boring show.