Review on Nezha: a story about being the master of your own fate


Hanak Taxo, Reporter

Nezha is a revamped tale from Chinese mythology about a boy born as the reincarnation of a demon and is cursed to die by a lightning strike when he’s three. The villagers fear him and his parents promise to keep him away from them as he grows up to find fun in pulling pranks and making mischief.

Posters and previews of the movie lead viewers to expect an action-packed series of events along with some familiar angst, but watching the film will so much more depth.

Running at one hour and 15 minutes, we see Nezha’s parents battle with supporting him and trying to put him on a good path, despite what others tell them he will end up being or what they expect from him. Nezha himself also struggles with wanting to be accepted by others.

Now, no spoilers, but each part of the movie leaves you emotional whiplash. At one point, everyone in the theatre can be heard guffawing at the screen and the next, you’ll be holding back tears. Viewers will truly feel connected to the characters and attached to their struggles and hardships, as well as their happiness and new friendships.

And there is also the appeal of beautifully animated battle sequences, showing off fluid character movements, and each character’s fighting techniques. Many animated fantasy movies with action scenes like to throw out explosions and sparks to distract from the actual characters, but Nezha’s animators truly show off their skills in blending the two together, letting the audience admire the fantastical powers and the maneuvers that leave them clenching their fists in anticipation. Maybe even a cheer or two.                                                                                                                                                                                                                           For further background, the film is a retelling of an old mythological tale from the novel Investiture of the Gods. In this aspect, the movie is uniquely Chinese, yet it still connects with its modern audience.

One of the movie’s biggest claim to fame is how it absolutely beat out The Avengers: Endgame in China’s theatres, and earned itself a title as the third all-time highest-grossing film in China’s box office.

It is also clear that other animated movies from Disney have nothing to compare to Nezha. The film toppled the record for opening weekend, previously held by Despicable Me 3 at $66 million and is the top-grossing animated film ever shown in China. Additionally, in comparison to the newly-released Lion KingNezha has far outdone it in both sales and audience reception.

Its title as the movie of the summer is clearly well-earned.

International release for the movie is scheduled for September 6, but until then, any eager audience members can find the film at select IMAX 3D theatres.