The Debate on Climate Change

Brent Bean, News Reporter

One of the main confrontations that many people of the political debate about in our day-to-day lives is whether global warming is a real priority and a problem that needs to be tackled.

Scientists all across the globe gather evidence on this issue and on paper that can prove that climate change and global warming is a big issue that should be watched closely. On the other hand, some opinions conflict with the evidence and some weather patterns that have come up stump this theory.

Recently, a massive wave of arctic air has brought parts of the Midwest into some of the coldest temperatures that they have experienced in years. These temperatures are thought to be so severe that they can potentially become dangerous. It is said to be the coldest temperatures that have surged the Great Plains in almost five years if not longer.

“It makes it hard to believe that global warming is happening when we are experiencing the most extreme chilling temperature that we have experienced in years. This makes me question if it is just the Earth’s natural change in temperatures or if the world is getting hotter,” said junior Jensen Smith.

One of the questions that many people ask is what exactly causes the earth to have this potential increase in temperature. Many scientists say that we are the primary cause of the rise of the Earth’s temperatures through the burning of fossil fuels.

This massive amount of burning of fossil fuels is thought to be caused by humans through the carbon dioxide that is emitted into the atmosphere mainly through the driving of cars and the production from large factories.

Many have discussed some of the solutions that we could use to prevent global warming. Experts have suggested switching to releasing of clean energy, limit the amount of pollution that factories produce, and to end fossil fuel subsidies.

“I think that climate change is one of the main priorities that we should be focusing on. It can become a huge problem, and I think that we need to focus more on our environment and start the rebuilding process as soon a possible,” said junior Mackenzie Anderson.