What was the Blood Moon

Brent Bean, News Reporter

  January 20, 2019 was the night of a full blood moon seen across the western hemisphere. Star gazers in south America could see the sight the best as the fluorescent moon shown bright across the midnight sky.

  Even people in the FishHawk area could see the magnificent sight for themselves, “It was so cool, I have never seen anything like it before.” Said Sammy Parrish. Many people were so mesmerized by the sight because some had never seen it before.

  The reason the earth has blood moons, is because of a lunar eclipse, in which the earth is in a line formation directly in between the sun and moon. The light refracting off the earth gives the moon its reddish color in which we see. Many people really like astronomy and are happy they got the chance to this this blood moon, “I am so happy I was able to see this blood moon, my family and I really love astronomy and were very excited to finally witness such a site.” Said Sawyer Smith.

  The main continents that could see the blood moon the best were North and South America, Africa and Europe. The main continent that could see the moon the best was South America. Online on every social media platform people were posting about it from Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay, and Venezuela.

  Some may find this astronomic event to be quite captivating, but others find the event to be a sign of doom for earth. This came from old Greek and Roman god tales back in the old Babylonian civilizations, this came from people’s fascination with the planets and stars which is when astronomy was created to give people a sense of higher beings or to make others fear their superiors because they could somehow doom them for eternity. The world may never know.

  Many to this day still believe in this ancient folklore depending on your cultural and social beliefs. Regardless of social and cultural beliefs the blood moon is an amazing site to see, and for those who missed it prepare yourselves now the next on isn’t for another year.