Polar Ice Caps are Melting

Brent Bean, News Reporter

Many people question whether the earth is warming up, which scientists call “Global Warming”, or that the earth is just in a warmer phase, which many people consider the term, “Climate Change.

Over the past couple of decades scientists have studied this increase in temperature and have claimed that the earth is experiencing “Global Warming” because of the huge amounts of CO2 emissions that have entered the atmosphere, causing the Earth to warm up. Scientists have said that Greenland alone is losing ice at the fastest rate in almost 350 years.

Scientists have noticed these changes in Greenland by studying the ice cores that have stretched back 350 years and they have shown a huge increase in melting over the past two decades. This rate of melting has grown exponentially and scientists are saying that the melting can be a huge problem in the upcoming years because of the rising ocean levels.

Although rise in temperature will hurt Greenland in the upcoming years, it will be an even bigger concern in places like Miami, which isn’t designed and built for such a dramatic increase in the rise in sea level.

Many scientists say that because of the trend of melting of the sea ice, the United States and countries all across the globe will need to start to take safety precautions for “Global Warming” instead of waiting until it really becomes a large problem.

Researchers and activists have started to come up with ways in the meantime to prevent the increase of the global temperature over the past couple decades by trying to get people across the globe to reduce their ecological footprint. People have switched from driving a car to riding a bike, switching to solar power, and driving electric cars.

Although these efforts have taken place scientists say that they are almost too little to late saying that we really have a huge environmental problem at steak.

“I think that countries all across the globe need to really start taking bigger steps to solving this problem until it is too late. Things such as turning off your light when you walk out of a room, or riding your bike instead of driving, can be the difference in saving the world,” said Gina Gamboa, Junior.