Ranking of the Best Halloween Episodes

Sam Dyson, Layout Editor

Halloween has arrived, and with that people are gearing up with candy, costumes, and horror movies to watch Halloween Night. For those who aren’t big fans horror, there are other options that are more lighthearted such as The Nightmare Before Christmas, Hocus Pocus, Halloweentown, and many more.

As for those who want a middle ground between lighthearted and horror, watching a few episodes of the CW’s Supernatural may be just right for you.

Supernatural is a television show about 2 brothers, Sam and Dean Winchester, traveling the country hunting supernatural beings such as witches, vampires, werewolves, demons, and much more. The show began in 2005 and had been airing on The CW ever since with the show recently entering its 14th season October 11. These are the top 5 Supernatural episodes you should watch on Halloween.

5. Season 3 Episode 13: Ghostfacers!

This episode is set up as a “TV pilot” for Ghostfacers, a possible reality TV show set in the world of Supernatural. During this, Sam and Dean find themselves caught up with the Ghostfacers when they find themselves facing an actual ghost that was trapped in the house the episode takes place in. It is more comedic than most of the other episodes of Supernatural but it still has that creepy feel to it. The Ghostfacers, paranormal investigators Ed Zeddmore and Harry Spengler, were introduced back in Season 1 when they run into The Winchesters while both are investigating the same house.

4. Season 8 Episode 11: LARP and the Real Girl

This episode shows Sam and Dean investigating two uncommon deaths, leading them to an old friend, Charlie Bradbury and the LARPing game Moondoor. The episode is not frightening but it is a good one to watch on Halloween as it is more interesting with its geeky and comical elements. Charlie Bradbury was introduced back in Season 7, Episode 20, The Girl with the Dungeons and Dragons Tattoo.

3. Season 4 Episode 5: Monster Movie

This episode tells the story of Sam and Dean investing a series of murders that follow the plots of old Monster Movies during Oktoberfest. The episode itself gives off that old horror movie vibe as it is in black and white and utilizes old horror sound effects.

2. Season 1 Episode 1: Pilot

The first ever episode of Supernatural is a very important place to start watching if you want to watch the show. This episode tells the story Sam and Dean and a very important event in their life which would change their life forever. Fast-forward 22 years where Dean is asking Sam to come join him on a hunt looking for their father after he goes missing. While trying to find their father, they are brought to Jericho, California where they begin investigating a spirit after a kid goes missing. The episode itself is perfect for anyone who wants to start a new show or just wants to watch something just scary enough on Halloween.

1. Season 4 Episode 7: It’s the Great Pumpkin, Sam Winchester

A full Halloween themed episode of Supernatural, It’s the Great Pumpkin, Sam Winchester, tells the story of the boys investigating deaths surrounding the Celtic lore of Halloween and how a witch is hexing people to raise demon Samhain, the modern day origin of Halloween. The deaths of this episode may be a bit squeamish for those faint of heart but all together it is one that is perfect to watch on Halloween for all its connections to the holiday.