The Mind. The Life. The Meaning.

Lance De Leoz, News Reporter

It is common to daydream; imagining fantastical worlds, reliving glory days, rewriting wrongs, and foreseeing the future. To many people, daydreaming is as natural as breathing. But there is an interesting side to daydreaming that is not often thought of. In fact, it cannot be thought of. While daydreaming can give people all the somethings they could want, it still cannot give them everything. Specifically, it cannot give them Nothing.

The mind is an efficient machine, attempting to tackle all the problems that come across it. When trying to reconcile the idea of Nothing, it may try to picture a pitch-black void. However, pitch-black is still a color, and therefore is still something. So the mind tries again. It realizes that Nothing is the absence of all things and determines that it should simply push all things out. Not a single emotion, thought, or sense should remain. So the mind pushes; it thinks away all the things that could interfere with its goal. But the fact the mind still thinks means Nothing has not yet been achieved. Trying to think of Nothing takes some thought.

This realization that the mind cannot think of Nothing can be frightening. It can be frightening, because it means the mind is trapped in an endless loop of thought unable to escape the clutches of something.

To take a darker turn, for those who know no afterlife, Nothing supposedly awaits them at death. Nothing surrounds them for the remainder of eternity. How can that be possible? Much like dividing zero by zero, Nothing cannot yet be comprehended.

Questions can pop up in the mind. If nothing cannot be comprehended, does absence even exist? If absence exists, how can humans, the self-proclaimed dominant life on the planet, be incapable of comprehending it? It is a mystery with no apparent answer.

To end on a more uplifting note, it should be mentioned that fact that Nothing cannot be comprehended is perhaps a good thing. Being trapped in an endless loop of something is quite incredible on second thought. It means that people can think up virtually anything, at least eventually, because nothing cannot be thought of and therefore nothing cannot be done.