Top Ramen vs Traditional Ramen

Emily Khor, Features and Entertainment Reporter

Top Ramen is a famous brand of instant ramen, which is the product of flash frying noodles after they have been made by adding hot water and a package power of flavor. Which comes in a variety such as chicken, spicy, ad seafood. This does, obviously, takes a very short period of time to make, which makes it the perfect college meal as it is cheap, quick, and is a good serving amount.

  But what it makes up for in less time, it lacks in flavor. Top Ramen and other brands have a lot of salt in its packs and a strong flavor of MSG, which is a flavor enhancer that is unhealthy in large amounts yet has barely any taste to it. The noodles are relatively bland on their own, and the soup is too concentrated of salt and the MSG. You do identify the flavor of the bowl, but it doesn’t do justice to what real ramen is.

  Asking my Asian mother how to cook ramen didn’t work out well as she told me it was “…just a little salt and, like, a good amount of soy sauce…”, so it wasn’t very creditable. I found a recipe online, an article on, and tried it for myself. The difference between a powder and real ingredients may seem an obvious, but it really changed the taste of the food in a huge way. The broth tasted more authentic and better to savior, and the noodles themselves had their own taste as they actually had the soup and extra ingredients add flavor. It also, strangely, tasted a lot healthier as the competition contained a lot of processed ingredients, this was very fresh. You could also identify each individual ingredient. Overall, the experience of eating this homemade version was far more pleasant on the taste-buds.

  Instant ramen is a meal that one eats if they are in a rush or need an inexpensive alternative, and while it is substantial in some areas it is not a very healthy meal (you can just taste all the MSG washing down). Traditional ramen might seem too fancy and time-consuming, but personally I think is the better choice. The flavor and authentically overweighs the time and effort it takes, although a good cup ramen is nice every now and then.