Robots revolutionizing the world

Brent Bean, News Reporter

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Since the 1950’s, robots have found a home in companies that manufacture goods. The uses of these robots have helped to increase productivity and decrease labor cost.  

Over time, robots have started to invade our homes as well.  Many people all across the world use robots in their everyday lives to help with household tasks, whether it is looking up something on the internet, cleaning the house, or even cooking food in a microwave.  Today, robots can be seen in just about every industry in the modern age.

Robots are now becoming an integral part in fast food restaurants.  The McDonalds right across the street from Newsome has replaced workers with kiosks that take food orders.  

“I think ordering from the kiosks are new and fun, “ says Newsome sophomore, Katie Hurst.  “ However, I like having a real person take my order because it is more personalized and changes to your order can be made.”

“Robot are the future of McDonalds in the United States and around the world,” says Paul Horner, a McDonalds spokesman.  “Robots will decrease prices, increase productivity and make for better food”.

The military is also inventing and recruiting robots to help improve their capabilities.  In April of this year, US and British troops in Germany tested out robots to conduct a military breach of a simulated minefield.  

“Breaching enemy obstacles is one of the most dangerous tasks on the battlefield,” says British Warrant Officer, Brian Kemp.  “Robotizing breach operations takes away the risk of life and makes clearing enemy obstacles much safer.

The breach also included the use of unmanned aerial drones, which were used to gather intelligence and search from chemical weapons.  

“When I first came in, I didn’t expect to see robots doing (combat operations) like this.  Being able to see it, eyes on, shows me what the future is going to be like, and it is pretty darn good, “ says 1st Lt Felix Derosin, with the 2ABCT

.  New robotic inventions are helping to improve our lives each and every day. In the very near future, we will depend on robots to help us complete just about every task at work and around the house.  This dependency, although innovative and trendy, will either be great for society or possibly a societal failure.

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