Amazon: from the internet to the store

Meredith Wanbaugh, Features and Entertainment Reporter

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Amazon opened up a new store, called Amazon 4-Star, on September 28 in New York City. The store features only products that are rated 4-stars or above, are new, or are trending on the Amazon website. It also features the items most frequently put on a customers Amazon wishlist.

Each item is put on the customer’s Amazon account for purchase, and Amazon Prime users, users who pay extra money for free 2-day shipping and other bonuses, get a discount at the store. Though, customers can get the 30-day trial for Prime and get the discounts instantly, according to the Amazon website. Since prices change frequently on Amazon, each product’s price is changed whenever their prices changes on the online store as well.

The store features a wide variety of products to buy, such as food, games, toys, books, and even Amazon’s own products are for sale. According to Amazon, new products will be brought in each week to change up the amount of products available even more. This will also make each visit to the store different because of the constant change of stock, much like how the website’s stock changes all the time.

Every item will also feature the Amazon reviews in front of the product, though each one has to be reviewed for legitimacy first. The average rating of the products in Amazon 4-Star are 4.4 stars, and each of them together had 5-star reviews from 1.8 million customers. The reviews help to make sure that each product within the store is one demanded by customers and will be readily available to them.

This is not the only physical Amazon store around, there is also Amazon Pop-up and Amazon Books. Amazon Books is a bookstore that features popular books sold on Amazon along with technology made from Amazon. Amazon Pop-up is a store that sells Amazon devices, and even let’s the customers “test drive” the devices before purchasing them.

The physical move for Amazon is a surprising one, but Amazon 4-Star seems to have gained some interested like the other two physical stores have. Only time will tell how this works out for them.

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