The iPhone XS, XS max, and XR

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The iPhone XS, XS max, and XR

Carolina Fernandez, Editor-in-Chief

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To anyone’s very indifferent reaction, Apple has once again managed to amaze us with an invention that seems years of design away. However, with the multiple phone release, there will be trade-offs that come up while making a decision, as the releases have very different features that make them equally comparable with one another.

In September, Apple released not only one, but three never before seen phones available to the general population for purchase. Of course, with innovation, sleekness, quality and convenience comes a heavy trade off- one that might be hitting your pocket just a little too close this time.

According to Business Insider, the iPhone XS starts at $999, the XS Max at $1,099, and, lastly, the one that may be more convenient after all is the iPhone XR, starting at $749.

The iPhone XR is available in a greater range of brand new colors from apple- including peach, yellow and light blue. It also has a greater size screen when compared to the more expensive option of the XS, 6.1 inches vs 5.9, respectively.

Critics have already been through and through with each of the phones, investigating and comparing all their new qualities. According to CNBC, the XS has a better sensor and image processor called “Smart HDR” by Apple, which, in short, allows users to take better quality pictures in settings that would otherwise make for low-quality pictures- such as nightclubs, sport games, or dark streets.

Apple has stated on their website that the XR will outlast he 8,t X, XS, and XS Max on battery life, so it is possible that by this year, Apple may have made many users’ dream come true: utilize a phone for a whole day without letting it “die”.

Nonetheless, the XS and XS Max will undoubtedly have the better screen quality.

Not only this, but last of all, Apple’s newest mobile chip, the A12 Bionic is even faster than any iPhone chip seen before. It will be found in iPhones XS and XS Max, and It is supposed to aid processing, making your phone run smoother and hypothetically faster. Hopefully, this will still hold true when the next iPhone is released (all iPhone users will relate).

Whether one is looking for grandeur, camera quality or storage, there is more likely than not an iPhone to fit your preference- especially after the 2018 launch.