Fishhawk gives back: Young Life addition

Carolina Fernandez, Editor-in-Chief

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Volunteering, community service and helping others around us has always been a very preeminent trait around the Fish Hawk and Brandon area.

Whether charities, organizations or fundraisers, students are constantly seen around the area helping our community. Although often they are rewarded with Bright Futures Service hours and discount tuition in the end, many times students go way past the requirements for the scholarships simply to lend a hand to others.

Not only are students involved in clubs, but out-of-school organizations as well. Some clubs at Newsome, including Helping Others Today and Honor societies who offer free tutoring, are certainly very close to the community and helping out. However, one outside of school group called Young Life has been a choice for many Newsome students who participate in activities.

Senior Morgan Gardner says, “Young Life is just a casual youth group where we play games, do activities, sing, talk, and have mini-lessons about the Christian religion”. Although it is a religious group, it focuses on reaching out to others around them.

Coordinator Greg Rusch explains that Young Life is not new to the area, “Young Life has existed for many years, but it has seen a steady increase in participation over the past four years.”

When asked about the growth of the group, Rusch says, “Growth can be attributed to caring students, steady leadership, welcoming parents, and the overall feeling of being part of something bigger than itself.”

The Youth group is involved in the community and participates in projects around the area. “This year, we will continue a great event called Manna Bags, in partnership with Refuge Youth Ministry,” adds Rusch.

Although the group does meet outside of school, it is actually linked to certain events that occur at Newsome.

According to the coordinator, Young Life will be at a sporting event, “At an upcoming Newsome home soccer game, entering students will get a chance to pack a bag and write a note of encouragement. As parents exit the game, we will ask them to take a baf with them to give out to someone in need. All this is free of charge for students and parents.” Reaching out to those in need nearby is the main goal.

“Be on the lookout at a future Newsome home game!” says Rusch.

Young Life meets most Monday evenings in the local area.

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