Queer Eye review

Samantha Dyson, Entertainment Reporter

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Queer Eye for the Straight Guy, a show on Bravo promoting lifestyle and fashion tips to men from five gay men, the “Fab Five.” The show began its run back in 2003 before shortening its name to Queer Eye at the start of the third season, eventually ending in 2007.

Queer Eye was revived by Netflix as a Netflix Original, airing 8 episodes, officially being released Feb. 7, 2018 with an all new “Fab Five.” The show now stars Antoni Porowski, the resident food and wine expert, Tan France, the fashion expert, Karamo Brown, the shows culture specialist, Bobby Berk, who is highly skilled in design, and Jonathan Van Ness, expert in grooming.

Each episode takes place in different parts of Georgia with the boys helping different men from different age groups figure out their style and all around improving their lifestyles. Through witty remarks and confident upbringings, Queer Eye is one that anyone can enjoy no matter their views.

Throughout the eight episodes, many standards of society are addressed or mentioned like LGBTQ+ hardships, religion, politics, culture, and much more which add the sense of realness but has a deeper meaning to the show that makes it seem less like reality TV.

The episodes provide life lessons, not just for the people the “Fab Five” are helping but also the viewers by showing the process of how to make the decisions and food made on the show, providing ways to get out of your comfort zone but, also providing little tips and tricks at the end of each episodes for the viewers.

While Queer Eye is a 45-minute show of five men helping a different man get his life together each of the eight episodes, the execution gives each episode its own personality calling fans and first-time viewers to come back for more.

Overall, Queer Eye is an excellent show anyone and everyone should get into as it defies most social norms demonstrating the good in society.

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