Red Gerard: winning despite mishaps and mayhem

Mia Cafaro, Sports Reporter

Redmond Gerard is a fresh-faced, wild-haired 17-year- old from Silverthorne, Colorado, who recently became the youngest American ever to medal in a snowboarding event at the Olympics. He is now internationally famous, with fans and admirers all over the country. However, for those who are sitting at home and crying because their biggest accomplishment has been finding $20 in the Wendy’s parking lot, remember that Gerard is not that different from us average people.

Gerard was staying at a hotel about an hour from the mountain where he was competing, and this almost proved disastrous. “I’m not used to waking up early at all and I just slept in,” Gerard told CBS after the event. Some news sources have revealed that he binge-watched “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” the
night before his event. Essentially, Gerard is your average teenage boy.

Of course, there are some extraordinary aspects of his persona. He scored an 87.16 on his slopestyle run (after he made it to his event) and took home the gold. After expressing his desire to just eat a burrito after his event, the Chipotle in his hometown of Silverthorne promised him 87 free burritos once he got home, in honor of his winning score.

Though much of Gerard’s short stint on Earth has revolved around snowboarding, he has other interests too. He is most looking forward too “just playing some golf” when he gets back home. He is the second to youngest of a seven child family, and according to him, they like to party.

He apparently received a Snapchat on the morning of his competition, which showed several of his family members “shotgunning” beers. “I’m sure they were plastered by the time of the contest,” Gerard told People.
In summary, Gerard is just like you or I. He oversleeps, he binge-watches Netflix, he enjoys burritos, and he has a crazy family. What sets him apart is his massive dedication to snowboarding, and his natural talent out on the slopes. Keep your eye on him in upcoming years, as he will surely be back to defend his title.