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Be More Chill review

Sam Dyson, Entertainment Reporter

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“Be More Chill,” a musical adapted by Joe Iconis and Joe Tracz, premiered at Two River Theater in Redbank, New Jersey back in 2015. This musical has most recently been gaining a lot of traction throughout the theater community.

“Be More Chill” tells the story of Jeremy Heere, an ordinary high school student with nothing special about him. His life gets turned upside down after he takes a pill know as a SQUIP. The SQUIP, super quantum unit intel processor, takes over Jeremy’s brain helping him to be more chill and get his crush, Christine Canigula.

This soon backfires once the SQUIP realizes to “fix” Jeremy, everyone else needs to be “fixed” instead prompting Jeremy’s SQUIP to try and get his classmates to take a SQUIP at the school play.

“Jeremy’s Theme” opens the album and the show which leads into “More Than Survive,” the song which introduces Jeremy Heere (Will Connolly), and the rest of the characters including Jeremy’s best friend Michael Mell (George Salazar), Christine Caligula, (Stephanie Hsu).

Rich Goranski (Gerard Canonico), Jake Dillinger (Jake Boyd), Brooke Lohst (Lauren Marcus), Chloe Valentine (Katlyn Carlson), Jenna Rolan (Katie Ladner), and Jeremy’s Dad (Paul Whitty), are also introduced in “More Than Survive.”

The cast album continues on going through Rich convincing Jeremy to get a SQUIP, play rehearsal with Christine, and video games with Michael until “The Squip Enters.” This song introduces Jeremy’s SQUIP, played by Eric William Morris, to the audience.

The start of act two begins on “Halloween,” a song about a Halloween party at Jakes house. “Michael In The Bathroom” takes place after “Halloween,” which is the most well-known song from the musical outlining Michael having a panic attack in a bathroom at a party after Jeremy left him alone calling him a loser.

The album goes through a few more amazing songs until ending on “Voices In My Head” which is the aftermath of the SQUIP.

Sadly, “Be More Chill” is not playing anymore but it is still an amazing soundtrack to listen to. If listening to cast albums is more your thing, and sci-fi, pop rock style is interesting, this musical has the perfect soundtrack for you.

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Be More Chill review