Not so New Year’s Resolutions

Marissa Levine, Entertainment Reporter

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It’s February and you’ve already failed at your New Year’s Resolution. Even though you promised yourself you’d go the gym four times a week, you haven’t even gone four times all month. You’ve already convinced yourself that 2018 will not be your year, so you’re just going to wait around for 2019. Or 2020.

This is the wrong mindset. New Year’s Resolutions are pretty much destined to fail, and then you’re stuck feeling bad about yourself for the next few months. So here’s what you can do when you’ve already failed your 2018 New Year’s Resolution.

You don’t need to reinvent your life, first of all, which is why so many New Year’s Resolutions end badly. Instead try changing very small things about your lifestyle. Unless you have an incredibly strong willpower, deciding that you’re never going to eat junk food again is destined to fail. And you’re going to be miserable for the two weeks that you do last. You have to give yourself time to adjust.

For example, decide that you’re only going to eat junk food two or three times a week. This gradual process of phasing things you think are negative out of your life is going to be more successful than quitting cold turkey. Also, don’t call the days you are allowed to eat junk food (or whatever you decide) cheat days. That implies that eating junk food is wrong or bad, which is going to make you feel guilty and is probably eventually going to lead to you giving up once again.

Another thing: you don’t have to wait until a new year, or a new month, to start something new. You can choose to make changes in your life at any time. It can be easier to start on a new week, but luckily those come around every seven days, so there’s no reason to keep procrastinating. Make sure you pick a goal that is actually attainable, and don’t be too hard on yourself.

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