What’s in store for season four

Marissa Levine, Entertainment Reporter

With Jane the Virgin now in season four, the logical thought is that things should have calmed down in Jane’s life by now. However, that couldn’t be further from the truth, and frankly, Jane the Virgin just wouldn’t be the same without crazy drama “straight from a telenovela.”

Obviously Jane has had a tremendous amount of trouble in the previous seasons, from being artificially inseminated on accident, to the death of her new husband (and fan favorite) Michael. In all honesty, the poor woman deserves a bit of a break, but that’s not how the cookie crumbles in the CW’s Jane the Virgin. The show does have its fair share of breaks from tragedy, with the characters getting themselves, and others, into seemingly impossible and hilarious situations.

Season four opens with a new love interest for Jane. Well, the term “new,” is relative, and no, it’s not Raphael. In fact, it is Jane’s first love, Adam. This came as a shocker to some fans, who thought that Jane’s first true love was Michael, but turns out that Jane was all set to marry Adam when she was just nineteen years old. Though Adam is no Raphael, he does give Jane a chance to let go of her responsibilities and have fun.

Life is not all fun and games for any of Jane the Virgin’s other characters, either. Raphael struggles with the fact that he has lost his portion of the hotel. Petra’s evil sister refused to drown in the ocean, and Rogelio’s ex is pregnant with his child, which is a major problem because they’re celebrities with a very public hatred for each other.

All of the components of Jane the Virgin seem as though they could never fit well together. It wouldn’t be hard to claim that there are too many plot lines and too many far-fetched ideas.

But it’s the outlandish quirks that make the show so entertaining to watch. It doesn’t take itself too seriously, despite the multiple dire situations that the characters wind up in. Jane the Virgin is a show that is easy to watch because of its comedy, and the plot keeps viewers wanting more. Additionally, the way that the show is set up sort of like a telenovela gives it more creative leeway. The narrator’s own personal comments about the action adds another dimension to the show, and is not perceived as too overbearing at all.