Why Ezekiel Elliott should stop fighting the NFL

Joe Espy, Sports Reporter

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In July of 2016 Ezekiel Elliott was accused by his girlfriend of five different incidents of domestic violence. After a little over a year since the incidents, the NFL dropped the hammer giving Elliot a six game suspension on August 11th.

To no surprise Elliott appealed his suspension four days later with his representatives claiming the evidence was inaccurate. What would take place between the court and the NFL in the following months was beyond insane.

For a player to be able to play while in the middle of a domestic violence case is beyond me. We see this too many times in all of sports. When accused of crimes, players use their right to appeal to continue to play on the field.

Any player involved in a domestic violence case or any type of serious crime should not be able to represent the NFL on Sundays until proven innocent. Instead of serving the suspension starting week one, Elliott has found enough loop holes to play in every game through week nine.

“I think the NFL is hurting their reputation by letting Elliott play in the midst of this serious case,” said senior Josh Quiggle. Many feel this case is being overhyped, but this is very similar to the Ray Rice case from 2014, just with nowhere near as much legitimate evidence.

After a long and comical process, it remains to be seen if the NFL will actually stand strong and make Elliott serve his six game suspension now in week nine. “At this point I think Elliott should just serve the suspension and put it behind him so this doesn’t continue to linger,” added Quiggle.

With Elliott set to serve his suspension in week nine, it will be interesting to see if the NFL learns anything from this fiasco.