Dunkin Doughnuts or Starbucks?

Abby O'Brien, Features Reporter

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A debate I deemed as a runaway was clearly misunderstood in my eyes. When the students of Newsome High School were asked on their preference of the two chain coffee companies, a substantial amount said Dunkin Doughnuts was the better option.

Being the coffee connoisseur that I am, I needed their reasoning on why Starbucks was not favored. Many students discussed differing prices, and the type and quality of the food. Junior Joseph Muffoletto says “Dunkin is cheaper and serves actually hot, good food with better deals.”

The rebuttal by the Starbucks enthusiasts was referencing the standard 3 cream and 3 sugar to all of Dunkin Doughnuts drinks. A problem easily resolved by asking for less of either however, sophomore Mariana Ramirez also says “You can taste the artificial in Dunkin’s coffee it is so…ew”.

The only debate brought against Starbucks included their high pricing and lack of doughnuts. Senior Mike Evans’ only comment on the subject included “Doughnuts at Starbucks: zero”.

There were also many students who preferred neither option. Junior Jillian Mauro says “chain coffee is awful, I would recommend little Mom and Pop shops like Cool Beans or Foundation coffee where the prices are lower and quality is higher.” Senior Isabella Alfonso also says “I only had Dunkin coffee once, it was subpar…so is Starbucks actually. But local coffee is the best, I recommend Black Crow Coffee.”

After gathering the information the students had to offer, the conclusion I reached was a majority prefer Dunkin Doughnuts or local coffee companies that are not chains.

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