Jonathan Hurst, News Reporter

Another Homecoming has come and gone, but there was something slightly different about this one. This year’s dance took place at Raymond James Stadium in the club level, which many Newsome students excited. Senior Emma Milligan said, “It was really cool to have it at an off campus location for my senior year, and the clubhouse was a nice area.”

The move to an off campus venue was caused by an increase in the student enrollment, as Newsome has almost 3000 enrolled students. This allowed for an increase in tickets sold as they doubled from allowing 1000 tickets to be sold, to 2000. The new venue provided for more than enough space for all of these students.

“I would say this dance was a major success, it appeared like everyone had a great time, and it went off without a hitch,” Newsome SGA member John Dominic shared.

In front of the area designated as the dance floor was an elevated stage where there was a DJ and performers who would energize the crowd and dance to keep the energy high. The DJ did an excellent job with the song choices, the music was a good mixture of modern and classic songs.

The Homecoming King and Queen were presented and the winners were Abby Hall for Queen and Tyler Neclos for King. “Never thought this would happen, it’s a dream come true,” Neclos shared.

The theme for the dance was “Back to the 20’s,” and featured decorations that helped with the scene such as decorative balloons, table toppers and others.

Overall, the majority of the student body enjoyed the dance and most students are looking forward to the dance next year.