Fall baseball

Mia Cafaro, Sports Reporter

With fall comes the changing of leaves, the scent of pumpkin pie, and most importantly, baseball. Fall baseball is often overlooked, but it is a vitally important component of the team.

“Fall is kind of evaluating the new guys, and evaluating what we have for the spring, and basically building the basic fundamentals of what we’re gonna work on in the spring,” said senior Jake Phelps.

Though the first season of any sport can be stressful, freshman Kelsen Johnson said that he felt great at his first practice and “very welcome by all the player and coaches.”

Though there is no climactic game at the end of the season, like a state or regional game, the fall season serves to allow Coach Rohrberg to evaluate new players and get the whole team prepared for the intense spring season.

The team played their first game on Sept. 25 at UT. They were able to defeat Riverview 8-4. “The start of the game was pretty slow, but towards the end I think everyone’s bat started to come around,” said Johnson.

Coach Rohrberg teaches PE at Newsome, in addition to his contributions with the baseball team. “He knows how to run his team. He likes his team run a certain way, and that’s how it’s gonna be. It’s a good thing, it keeps order,” said Phelps.

The team will be playing their next game against Steinbrenner on Oct. 9, where they hope to take home the win again.

Baseball is traditionally a game that requires teamwork, and there are many legends about teammates who have come through for each other in the best ways possible. According to Johnson, the Newsome team can be summed up as “a lot of close and strong bonded guys, who have some of the biggest hearts on and off the field.”