A review of “the night of nights”

Stephanie Strickland, Editor-in-Chief

On May 6, 2017 students gathered at the T Peppin banquet hall to experience the final dance of their high school careers. While few high school dances can fully captivate the student body, this year’s prom was able to stand out in its organization and presentation.


The theme of the 2017 prom was “The Great Gatsby,” based off of the literary masterpiece which captures many vibrant scenes of dancing, making it the perfect backstory to a high school prom. Many students have read the Great Gatsby within their schooling, and some were able to fit their attire around that theme.


Despite widespread rumors of a lack of funding for prom, SGA president Will Proctor assured that funds were allocated to the event. Therefore, students found the hall adorned with images of flappers and pearls. The decorations were very modest, but this satisfied the formality of the event, while still giving the dance a unique flare.


This year, outfits at prom were much wider in variety than they have been previously. Perhaps this change can be attributed to the theme of the dance, which prompted more Gatsby era dresses and tuxes. Additionally, a continuation of dress trends such as two piece ensembles, as well as, off the shoulder cut dresses. However, the traditional black dress made its way to the dance floor in a plethora of unique ways.


Organizing the prom to be hosted at T Peppin significantly added to the formality and overall atmosphere of the event. The cleanliness and ornate nature of the banquet hall has provided Newsome with a tasteful venue to host prom for many years. Additional beverages and desserts were provided, as well as, a “shoe check” for those who couldn’t survive the whole night in heels (so, everyone).


Given that this dance is one of the last social events for seniors, the camaraderie amongst the students was remarkable. Additionally, the exclusivity of prom to seniors made the dance more personal as students were surrounded by those individuals that they have grown with for many years.
Rating: 9/10