Capture this: Underrated vacation spots around the world

Carolina Fernandez, Reporter

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Summer is approaching, and what that means is not only free time but getaways, visiting the beach and the pool on the regular, and going on the classic favorite summer trip. Although it might be exciting to think about visiting California, the Caribbean, or maybe even Paris, it is also a good experience to open the mind to seeing new things or cities that haven’t been heard of very much.

While Europe itself contains beautiful historic cities, one mostly pictures classic cities and countries like England, Spain, France and Italy, but sometimes forgetting that the Eastern half is just as rich in history as well.

For example, Krakow, Poland and Prague, Czech Republic both contain one-of-a-kind scenery, essentially unique architecture, and unique markets. According to an article by Buzzfeed, Krakow’s residents offer free tours since they know so much about the city.

On the other hand, while visiting the Virgin Islands or Caribbean islands is wonderful, there are the Asian counterparts that contain those eye-pleasing, perfect looking scenes that are their tropical beaches.

Indonesia, in particular, has places like the three Gili Islands and Raja Ampat. Known for beautiful coral reefs and their private, relaxing beaches, they sit alongside the coast of Lombok, near Praya, and can be reached by taking a boat or airplane.

Lastly, another spot that could make for a unique trip is Patagonia, Argentina, “Patagonia’s beauty knows no bounds… you’ll stumble upon deserts extending into rugged estancias (cattle-ranges) and melting glaciers… if you continue, expansive horizon reaching out to Antarctica’s frosty edge,” says Travel US News. From luxurious boat rides to comfy log cabins, to delicious dulce de leche, you can have it all. Its location in the southern hemisphere makes perfect timing because its winter months are June, July, and August.