Trade Deadline NBA

Jonathan Hurst, Reporter

With the NBA All-Star Break coming to a close, the trade deadline approached rapidly. In the days leading up, rumors swirled involving some of the biggest names in the NBA at the moment.

For example perennial All-Star Carmelo Anthony’s fate was almost never certain as time ticked closer and closer to the deadline. He and Knicks President Phil Jackson haven’t exactly been seeing eye to eye lately, and many wondered whether or not this would lead to the end of the Carmelo era in New York via trade.

Anthony was not the only big name to be thrown around on the trading block, Chicago star Jimmy Butler was thought to have been available for trade but no offers enticed the Bulls enough to let go of their talented shooting guard.

Among all these big name rumors, one blockbuster deal came through and it has seemed like a robbery as of right now. The Sacramento Kings traded arguably the best center in the league in Demarcus Cousins and Omri Casspi to the New Orleans Pelicans for a few mediocre players and draft picks.

The Pelicans now have the most formidable front court in the entire NBA, with arguably the best power forward and the best center. This completely changes the culture in New Orleans as many wonder if this makes them a playoff contender, and could even be considered a top free agent destination for a guard.

Aside from that big splash deal, very little else happened in the NBA world. A few average players were moved and draft picks were swapped, but it was a very banal deadline for the most part. Especially so, considering how many big names were thrown around like Paul George and others.