X1HL controversy

Joe Espy, Reporter

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On Valentine’s Day of this year the X1HL faced bedlam it hadn’t seen since season one. Long-time commissioner MayerinatER and veteran owner Mayertopkat100 were blacklisted with the apparent reason of attempting a failed mutiny.

Many X1HL members were astonished by what had taken place and were begging for proof. But the commissioners had the final ruling and the Mayers were gone for good. Mayertopkat100’s girlfriend Wanderlust x623 was additionally blacklisted for being too close to Mayer.

That same night some of Mayer and Wanderlust’s former players threatened to hold strikes which resulted in additional blacklists. Mayer’s unique personality and charisma seemed to already be missed in the X1HL.

The San Jose Sharks and Barracuda both saw new owners come in immediately. Sadly, many of Mayer’s players followed him out of the league leaving these teams vacant. The day after these events Mayertopkat100 stated how he felt, “I was pretty sad the day of the incidents but life moves on without the X1HL and I can still play LG.”

With the blacklist filling up, the league has definitely been hectic this week. The chat box came alive Valentine’s Day night with #RIPMayer trending greatly.

In addition, some retired X1HL players made their return including THEGRAPPL3R who made his presence felt with his chuck and Dorito dust references. TZ xKlutchx, a former player of Mayer’s decided to post explicit content to express his opinion on the Mayer blacklist.

The blacklist of the Mayers provided for a crazy night in the X1HL, which luckily occurred on a day when no games were scheduled. With no uprising having a huge effect on the league, the X1HL should return to normal as the season continues.