Fantasy football


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Jonathan Hurst, Reporter

Fantasy Football is a staple of the football culture that is so strong in the United States. There are an estimated 33 million people playing fantasy football across multiple platforms, and that number is continuously growing.

It is a relatively simple concept, the main objective is to score the most possible points each week, which are accrued based off the player’s real life performances in their games. Before the NFL season begins, a draft takes place where all members of the league attempt to put together the most complete roster possible.

Once the teams have full rosters, they are assigned their schedule, and they compete head to head with another team in the league each week. Weekly owners check the waiver wire for unowned players that could have potential to help out their team, and they set their lineup in the best way possible, and hope for wins each week.

It is easy to see the appeal to this game and why it has captivated millions of Americans; it features weekly competition among friends, and an added level of an excitement to games that fans might not otherwise care about.

If a game is taking place between two teams that a participant does not really have strong feelings for or against, it may get slightly boring. However, now that their starting quarterback is on that team and their opponent’s running back is on the other, this game now has a level of excitement that was not present before.

The game of fantasy football also promotes friendly competition among peers. There can be money involved for the winner, or a horrendous punishment for the loser. This idea even inspired the premise of a popular TV show, The League, which is centered around a group of friends and their fantasy football league.

A wide demographic is also appealed to with fantasy football, it can be fun for people of any gender or age, as there are now 6 million women playing fantasy football, and about 8 million children.

Fantasy football is a fun concept for everyone that transforms a potentially boring NFL Sunday into a day filled with ups and downs as two star studded rosters battle for virtual points. Regardless of the outcome, a good time can be guaranteed.