Unusual to own

Jonathan Hurst, Reporter

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An exotic pet is defined as an animal kept within human households, generally thought of as a wild species not typically kept as a pet. While many may consider it inhumane to keep these types of animals as pets, with the right care they can live a long happy life, even in captivity.

Exotic pets can range from a bearded dragon to something as uncommon as a rare breed of fish called a red tail shark. Newsome student Sarah James happens to be an owner of that rare fish breed. James is also the owner of two parakeets, three gerbils, three rats, one bearded dragon and a poison dart frog. “They provide good companionship, and their uniqueness makes them pretty fun too,” James said.

Exotic pets are a growing trend, as it becomes easier to care for them, however they still require work. James is a devote pet owner, spending about 30 minutes a day strictly on maintenance, then each pet is additionally let out of its cage for at least an hour, daily.

Junior Cade Cote hopes to join in on the exotic pet trend sometime soon as well, but he doesn’t have much hope of it happening anytime soon, “My parents have rejected most of my pet requests, the most I’m going to get is a bird.”

If you are planning on taking ownership of an exotic pet soon, make sure you are aware of all the work that will be required. Daily attention is essential, whether it be routine care or ensuring your pet enjoys their life, it is necessary to get them what they need.

Before getting an exotic pet, make sure you can find a vet that will cater to your animals, as not all vets have the expertise to handle such rare and unique animals. These special creatures can be very rewarding when they are cared for correctly.