Poetry Jam Hopes to be a Slam

Leah Harrell, Reporter

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On November 30th from 10am to 2pm, Newsome will hold a Poetry Jam in the media center to provide students a chance to work on original poems and perform them with the help of a professional.

Professional poet, Wally B., will be giving a demonstration of one of his own works then give his advice on students’ poems.  “He will work with students on writing and performing,” says Mrs. Lohman, media specialist.

When asked if this will benefit students, Mrs. Lohman responded with, “Most definitely- this is a great opportunity to work on your own skills and work with a professional.”

Two kids from every English class will be selected to participate and will only need to get a form from Mrs. Lohman for their teachers to sign to be able to attend.  For the event, students only need to bring paper and writing utensils and any poems they have written to improve on or perform.  Only original poems can be performed and be judged for a chance to move on.

First, second, and third place winners will attend the District Media Jam Competition.  The first place winner will be competing in it and second and third will help with judging.

“We know this year’s Jam will be a huge success,” says Mrs. Lohman who is excited to see what the students have to say this year.